Structural equation modeling (SEM) of separation anxiety in children according to the mother's personality, attachment style and children maladaptive schemas

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دکتر زهره عباسی، دکتر هوشنگ طالبی، دکتر امیرهوشنگ ملاحسینی، دکتر شعله امیری

Separation Anxiety is one of the disorders which affects in children’s educational activities and also in their social adjustment, so, the purpose of this study was identifying factors affecting this disorder. This study is correlation type and structural equation modeling. The statistical method was 620 mother-child (6-7 years old girls and boys) pairs from Qom city that were selected by stratified cluster sampling. To collect data, NEO Five-Factor Personality test, Children maladaptive Schema Questionnaire, and Child Symptom Inventory were used. Data was analyzed by using of structural equations modeling, and was approved by Using structural equation modeling analysis and appropriate fitness model was approved. Comparative fit index was equal to 0.726 and incremental fit index was higher than 0.9, respectively. In the standard model, the causal relationship means between two paths “mother’s personality” and children’s mediator variables “Attachment” and “maladaptive schemas” and finally on the dependent variable, the “separation anxiety” was seen. Results show the direct negative impact of “Mother’s personality” on “child attachment style” which “The attachment of the child” as a mediator variable by a factor of 0.34 had more impact with respect to “children maladaptive schemas”. “Mother’s personality” shows positive and direct impact on the “children maladaptive schemas” and finally on the dependent variable

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